WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase Championship Series

Presented by Charles Owen

                                                                                                                                                            Photo © Ashley Neuhof

Shetland Pony racing is one of the most entertaining events at WIHS. The WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase races, presented by Charles Owen have been dubbed "DC's newest, and cutest, sport" by the Washington Post. The races are run like professional racing events with a bugler, race caller. and photo finish -- but in miniature! The jockeys are youngsters between the ages of 7 and 14 mounted on speedy Shetland Ponies racing over a course of mini-hurdles. 

The popular pony steeplechase racing series will kick off the 2019 season at the Devon Horse Show in Devon, PA, on Sunday, May 26, and Memorial Day, Monday, May 27. The races and all of the Devon Horse Show classes will be live streamed by USEF Network. 

The popular ponies will be in action at Capital One Arena on Barn Night, Thursday, Oct. 24, and President's Cup Night, Saturday, Oct. 26. Come cheer on Puck, Cricket, Olney Smarty Pants and the rest of the field!

Did you know Cricket has his own Facebook page? Visit Cricket The Wonder Pony!

To learn more about Shetland Pony racing, visit US Pony Racing.


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Knight's Taffy and Mariah Smith


And they’re off! Junior jockeys and the super cute, furry Shetland Ponies will be under starter’s orders for the 2014 WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase Championship Series presented by Charles Owen. The historic Devon Horse Show is hosting the first stop in the series, which culminates at the Washington International Horse Show at Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.  
WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase races are run like professional racing events with a bugler, race caller and photo finish, but the jockeys are youngsters from six to 13. The riders and ponies are well prepared by U.S. Pony Racing, the exhibition organizer. So, cheer on Sweet Pea, Cricket, Smarty Pants and the rest of the field as they race over a course of hurdles to the finish line! 
Racing Schedule:
Monday, May 26:  Devon Horse Show, Devon PA 
Thursday, Oct. 23: Barn Night, Washington International, Verizon Center, Washington, DC
Saturday, Oct. 25: Grand Prix Night, Washington International