WIHS Seeks 2012 Youth Ambassador

WIHS Seeks 2012 Youth Ambassador

Now in its fourth year, the WIHS Youth Ambassador Program was created to engage young equestrian enthusiasts in the local community who have an interest in learning about the show and working side by side with the WIHS staff. This program also provides WIHS with a youth perspective as special and community-related events are created.
"The first Youth Ambassador came on board in 2009 and we have had a wonderful group of young equestrians as part of our team since then," said WIHS Marketing Director Diana Hosford. "The WIHS Junior Committee is selected through this process as well. Many committee members are returning from last year and we are thrilled to grow this exciting team."

The YA will have opportunities to attend business meetings and conference calls and be in a position to present ideas and concepts to the show staff. During the show, the YA will give tours, attend events, present ribbons, help build our youth events, assist with autographing and book signing sessions, meet with press and do interviews under the direction of the marketing director. There may also be show-related duties such as assistance with VIP guests, show operations and media relations. There will also be opportunities to view and enjoy the show.

The WIHS YA has been featured in Kids Post, John Kelly’s Washington, on cable and internet broadcasts, news radio, print media and local television.

The new youth ambassador will be named in May and he or she will hold the title until a new youth ambassador is named.

The YA must be a student between the ages of 14 and 18. He or she should be well versed in the horse world, be able to articulate when asked questions about the show or classes at the show, and should be active in social media and comfortable with the press, TV, radio and print.

The YA will work in the WIHS office in Georgetown, Washington, DC, at least once a week during the summer and be available more frequently during the months leading up to the show (Sept-Oct). The YA will need to attend the show, which runs from October 23-28 at Verizon Center in Washington, DC.

For more information, contact Diana Hosford at dianahosford@wihs.org or 202-525-3679