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Junior Committee & Youth Ambassador


2014 WIHS Youth Ambassador Mary Elizabeth Cordia
with her horse, Welcome.
 Photo Emily Ambach. 

Interested in becoming a member of the WIHS Junior Committee or the 2015 Youth Ambassador?
Applications are now being accepted. Please review the requirements and complete the application forms. All applicants for the WIHS Junior Committee and Youth Ambassador Program must be students between the ages of 14 and 18 enrolled at local Washington, DC area schools.  Applications are due to WIHS by Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

WIHS Youth Ambassador!
Mary Elizabeth Cordia was selected as 2014 WIHS Youth Ambassador! In her role, she serves as the youth spokesperson for the show and chairs the WIHS Junior Committee. Mary Elizabeth,16, attends St. Stephens and St. Agnes School. She started riding on her 7th birthday, and in 2012 she received the Laura Pickett Trophy for Excellence in Horsemanship. Read more about Mary Elizabeth!

WIHS Junior Committee: This great group of teens from public, charter and private schools in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. works with WIHS over the summer and during show week on youth programs and community-focused educational events, like Barn Night and Kids’ Day. They use their creativity and teamwork on a variety of projects from planning the scavenger hunt to taking photos of the WIHS mascot for social media. They also take on other roles, such as giving tours and escorting media. All are enthusiastic equestrians, who share their knowledge to help educate show visitors about horses and horse sport.

Interested in joining? The application process is now underway for WIHS Junior Committee and Youth Ambassador! If you're interested, please review and complete the application forms!

For questions,  email info@wihs.org

Meet the 2014 WIHS Junior Committee!

(L to R) Alexis, Olivia, Miriam, Casey, Elizabeth K., Mary Elizabeth as Major, the WIHS mascot, Kiki,
Caroline, Natalie R., Natalie W., Jenna and Rachel. Missing from photo: Terry, Hannah, Gaby,
Emily, Jenny, Lily, Chace and Mollie.
  • Chair: Mary Elizabeth Cordia, 16, St. Stephens and St. Agnes School.
  • Lily Barber, 16, Langley High School.
  • Terry Daniels, 17, KIPP DC: College Prep. Started riding four years ago. Loves trying new foods.
  • Miriam Dupree, 16, The Potomac School. Started riding at 3. Loves hiking and traveling.
  • Kiki Konopnicki, 16, St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School. Enjoys photography and basketball.
  • Elizabeth Kruse, 17, Langley High School. 2013 Youth Ambassador.
  • Olivia McCarren, 13, Westland Middle School. Started riding at age 7.
  • Caroline McGranahan, 16, Langley High School. Started riding at 10. Is a huge Washington Nationals fan.
  • Rachel Michael, 15, The Madeira School. Started riding when she was 6
  • Alexis Mozeleski, 17, Washington International School. Riding since age 7. Loves writing.
  • Hanna Powers, 17, The Madeira School, 2012 Youth Ambassador.
  • Natalie Ralston, 15, Langley High School. Riding since age 7. Plays the flute.
  • Gaby Ruff, 17, Thomas Edison High School. Started riding at age 12. Loves macaroons.
  • Emily Schlosberg, 16, Robinson Secondary School. Enjoys traveling.
  • Casey Schmitz, 16, Stone Bridge High School. Began riding at age 5. Likes to fish and anything chocolate!
  • Jenny Searles, 15, homeschooled. Represented Maryland in the 4-H Eastern National Horse Bowl.
  • Chace Simmons, 16, Colonial Forge High School. Riding since age 5. Likes art and architectural design.
  • Mollie Thomas, 16, The Madeira School. Started riding at age 5. Enjoys swimming.
  • Natalie Wachowiak, 16, South River High School. Began riding at age 6. Loves to make videos.
  • Jenna Zimmerman, 13, Kilmer Middle School. Enjoys dancing and listening to music.


Junior Committee!   Photos: Alden Corrigan     

JC1 JC with Potus

(Left to Right) Lily Barber, Natalie Ralston, Elizabeth Kruse, Hanna Powers, Mary Elizabeth Cordia, Mollie Thomas and Emma Suarez-Murias, WHS intern. 

(Left to Right) Natalie Wachowiak, Rachel Michael, Olivia McCarren, Caroline McGranahan and Jenna Zimmerman.

Show jumpers Meagan Nusz and Lillie Keenan enjoy lunch with the WIHS Junior Committee during show week.  Flat Major catches a ride with Chace Simmons at HITS Culpeper