Shipping *Must Read*

Congratulations on making it to WIHS!

Here are some things to know to make your experience as easy as possible.

  • Make sure you check in by 5pm at Prince George Equestrian Center on the day you are shipping to Capital One Arena. WIHS personnel is located at the two-story building between the outdoor rings.
  • The trucks are first come first show basis so if you sign up late you will be on a later truck.
  • After you have checked in on a truck, make sure you have someone there to put your horse/pony on to the truck. If we cannot find you, you will be replaced and put on a later truck.
  • Make sure someone is at Capital One Arena to take your horse/pony off the truck and to their stall. It is not the responsibility of WIHS personal to do this.
  • SPACE IS LIMITED at Capital One Arena so pack as much as possible in one container. We recommend the black trunks with wheels that you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot. Tack trunks are OK but limit how many you bring.
  • You can bring your own hay, but mark it so you can recognize it when it is off loaded. Hay is for sale at Capital One Arena as well.
  • Make sure everything is labeled so there is no confusion when your stuff is off loaded at the arena. Duct tape your broom, pitchfork, etc. together and put your name on it.
  • DO NOT BRING: Wheelbarrows, Water Hoses, Refrigerators, Freezers, Microwaves, Dog Cages. There is NO power in the tents except for lights and limited power inside the building. Manure is dumped with a muck tub into trash containers. There are plenty of places close to the arena to purchase ice.
  • When you are done showing, your horse/pony must vacate the stall. There will be a representative from the official shipper where the horses are unloaded/loaded by Tent 4 (corner of 6th and F Streets). They will get you on a list to head back to Prince George's Equestrian Center. 
  • Before you sign up for a truck back to Prince George's Equestrian Center, make sure you are packed and your horse is ready to walk onto the truck to leave. Make sure you have someone at Prince George's Equestrian Center to receive your horse/pony when it arrives.
  • You are allowed to ride with the official shipper in the peak of the trailer or with the horses in the trailer.


Stabling office telephone: 202-394-7772