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2018 Joe Fargis
2017 Kathy Kusner

2016 Frank Chapot

2015 Rodney Jenkins
2009 Hermen Greenberg
2009 Betty Oare
2008 Mignon C. Smith
2007 Sheila C. Johnson
2002 H. Fenwick Kollock
2001 Austin H. Kiplinger
2000 Kenneth & Sallie Wheeler
1999 Mrs. Jane Dillon
1998 William C. Steinkraus
1997 George H. Morris

 Congratulations to Joe Fargis, 2018 WIHS Hall of Fame Inductee!
Video tribute to Joe will be posted soon. 

Joe Fargis and Touch of Class, double gold medalists at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, CA. 


2017 Kathy Kusner


Read more about Kathy Kusner's amazing career. Watch the video!

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2016 Frank Chapot

Frank was a self-taught horseman who gained much of his knowledge by watching others ride.

Frank Chapot >

2015 Rodney Jenkins

Rodney Jenkins is considered to be one of the greatest riding talents of the 20th century. 

Rodney Jenkins >

2009 Betty Oare

Betty Reynolds Oare has been winning at WIHS since
the doors first opened in 1958.   

Betty Oare >


2009 Hermen Greenberg

Hermen Greenberg served on the WIHS Board of Directors for more than two decades. 

Hermen Greenberg >

2008 Mignon C. Smith

Mignon C. Smith helped guide the direction and
development of WIHS for more than 30 years. 

Mignon C. Smith >

2007 Sheila C. Johnson

Sheila C. Johnson guided the WIHS to its most successful years at the Verizon Center.

Sheila Johnson >

2002 H. Fenwick Kollock

Ken Kollock encouraged riders in fox hunting, show jumping and eventing and served WIHS as executive director and board member. 

H. Fen Kollock >

2001 Austin H. Kiplinger

Austin Kiplinger devoted more than four decades of his life to the promotion of equestrian sports in America. 

Austin Kiplinger >

2000 Kenneth & Sallie Wheeler

Kenneth and Sallie Wheeler have graced the national equestrian scene with their sportsmanship, style and generosity, training and competing top hunters and Saddlebreds. 

Kenneth & Sallie Wheeler >

1999 Mrs. Jane Dillon

Jane Dillon was a dedicated equestrian, riding teacher, and horse breeder who served on the WIHS Board of Directors. 

Jane Dillon >

1998 William C. Steinkraus

William C. Steinkraus is a six-time Olympian who became the first American to win an Olympic individual gold medal in equestrian sport. 

William C. Steinkraus >

1997 George H. Morris

The first inductee into the WIHS Hall of Fame, George H. Morris is considered to be one of the most influential trainers in the equestrian sport.

George Morris >