Circle of Champions

The Circle of Champions is a gallery honoring WIHS exhibitors, trainers, family and friends, featured in the Official 2017 Souvenir Program Book and on the WIHS website. A Circle of Champions page is a great way to honor and thank those special horse and human partners whose dedicated support ensures the greatest success. Whether you’re an individual retiring a special horse, a school looking to congratulate a trainer, or an owner offering best wishes to a rider for the show, Circle of Champions pages are unique and memorable ways to celebrate equestrian excellence. Reserve your page today! 

Congratulations to the 2016 WIHS Circle of Champions!


Ashley Aycox

Erin Cummins

The Gochman Family


 Megan Hilton

Grace Klein

Montana Coady


Dr. Betsee Parker

Katherine Strauss

 Tegan Treacy


For more information about Circle of Champions, please call
202-525-3679 or email Lindsay Pologe at